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Wheel throwing, hand building, and glazing for all ages and levels of experience.


Host events at our studio or join us for art and design events


Use our studio space and resources to create your ceramic art and wares. 

We would love to help bring your ideas to a textured reality. Get in touch for customized designs and products; collaboration opportunities; or to learn how to create your masterpiece.


What started as an online portfolio of my design work in Turkey has now transformed into a physical space in Dubai.    With the support of a team with a similar passion for design, I have opened the doors to Crn Art Design Ceramic Studio as a space for everyone to explore their creative selves. Whether you are new to ceramics or you are looking for an inspired environment to bring your own ideas to fruition, our studio is the place you can call home. 

~ Ceren Senbark Founder and Resident Artist
Artist Sculpting Relief
Ceramic Artwork
Custom Tile Ceramic
Artist Sculpting Man
Ceramic Sculpture
Custom Production of Ceramics
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