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About Crn Art Design

Ceren created Crn Art Design while she was in university to share her design and ceramic work with other art lovers. Over the years, it became a portfolio of her creative work in Turkey and Dubai. After teaching at and managing several ceramic studios in Dubai, Ceren wanted to take Crn to new levels. 

The purpose of Crn has always been to reach more people. Today, with the support of a team that has a similar passion for creative design, Ceren has opened Crn Art Design as a ceramic and design studio to make true on this purpose. We fill commission orders for those looking to bring their ideas to life. We also offer classes and workshops to share our knowledge with those who want to learn more about ceramics. Other than this, we give other artists space and resources to work on their own projects this curating an environment for people to forge a deeper connection with art and community.

Welcome to Our Studio

Meet the Team

Ceren Senbark Ceramic Artist and Owner of Crn Art Design Pottery Studio in Dubai


Founder and Resident Artist

Born in Antalya, Turkey, Ceren grew up with art and clay in her childhood.

She got her first international silver medal in primary school. Having studied fine arts in high school and graduated in the 1st place. Ceren continued her study of fine arts at Marmara University, where she majored in Ceramics & Glass Design. She graduated with a high honors degree and several awards from the Faculty of Fine Arts.

After university Ceren worked with her family ceramic company (Fiore Seramik) as a designer and created her collections as CRN ART DESIGN. At the same time, she worked on hotel construction projects as an art director.

Ceren has participated in several artist residency programs. After she moved to Dubai, she started teaching pottery and was the manager of different ceramic studios across the city for 6 years. Now, Ceren is excited to have her own design and ceramic studio, and to be able to share her passion with others.

Ozan Senbark Interior Architect Project Manager Pro Ex Basketball Player


Managing Director

Ozan Senbark is a Senior Interior Architect based in Dubai. He graduated from Emu University with a high honor degree. He manages high-end hospitality projects as a senior project manager and delivers design solutions for his clients. In addition, Ozan has always been an active participant in the global art world. As part of his passion for art and design, he established Crn Art Design Ceramic Studio with his wife, Ceren Senbark. He acts as the managing director of the studio.



Artist and Instructor

Born and raised in Turkey, Selin achieved her childhood dream when she began her studies at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts in 2015. She graduated with a double major in Ceramics & Glass Design and Interior Architecture. After graduating, she worked in different design studios as an interior architect and graphic designer, while also teaching pottery in private studios. After meeting Ceren in early 2022, Selin was inspired and decided to move to Dubai to share her passion for ceramics and design on a wider stage.



Studio Relations



Technical Lead

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